Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What the ceasefire bought...

... bolder Fascists:
...the Israeli left which, like the American left, is mostly full of narcisstic dolts who don’t believe the world is dangerous as long their own country keeps its sword in the sheath. And it’s likely to work to some extent. You can’t overestimate the weakness and gullibility of the left. You just can’t.

The rest is a roadmap to anything but peace. The Syrians and Iranians think they have hit upon a strategy to destroy Israel: Attack it with standoff weapons like Katyushas, goading it into fighting a ground war that frightens the world into halting Israel’s defensive actions. The end game is that Israel can’t defend its borders, it becomes demoralized and then the Arabs and Iranians move in for the kill. In response to the standoff attacks, Israel has the choice of non-response, weak response or brutal response–there’s no way to uproot an entrenched army of any size without using some very nasty tactics and weapons. I’m not talking nukes or anything like that–just weapons that make for bad TV. Which gets us back to underestimating the weakness of the left.

And you shouldn’t underestimate the ambitions of tyrants. You’d think we would have learned that lesson by now.
Well-said Bryan.

Bryan has war videos from the IDF too... if you're interested.

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