Friday, July 14, 2006

Israel trying to exist...

War in the Mid-East
Hezbollah Declares “Open War” on Israel

• An Israeli naval ship has been lightly damaged by an unmanned Hezbollah aircraft filled with explosives, according to the Israeli Defense Forces.

• The UN Security Council has called an emergency meeting to discuss the Lebanon-Israel conflict.

• Israeli warplanes have destroyed Hezbollah’s headquarters in Beirut. The terrorist organization has said its leader, Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, is safe and unharmed.

• The Vatican has condemned Israel’s use of force.


Friday, July 14, 3:44 p.m. EST – In the worst conflict the area has seen in more than 20 years, Israel is now fighting a two-front war. As the majority of world leaders condemn Israel’s recent invasion of Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, the crisis in the Middle East continues to escalate.

On July 12, the terrorist organization launched rocket attacks across Israel’s northern border, killing three Israeli soldiers and capturing two. Soon after, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) invaded Lebanon in an effort to force Hezbollah to release recently captured Israeli soldiers. The terrorist group has demanded the release of prisoners being held by Israel. A total of eight Israeli soldiers have died since the attack.

The IDF reported that more than 700 Katyusha rockets have been fired into Israel by Hezbollah. 49 people have been injured since this morning and over 220,000 Israelis are now taking cover in bomb shelters.
Powerline says... it's war.

Hugh Hewitt talks with Dennis Prager and Michael Medved about the war in Israel... here.

David Horowitz discusses... Israel at war:
There are those who have branded this latest conflict a continuation of Israel's War of Independence, and there is no little truth in the assertion. On both of the fronts on which Israel has been drawn into heavy fighting, its enemies can make no legitimate claim to be pursuing a territorial dispute: as of last summer, Israel relinquished its hold on the Gaza Strip; in Lebanon, it pulled back to the UN-certified international border six years ago.

Except that, in both cases, the Jewish state's assailants are indeed pursuing a territorial ambition - to unseat Israel from its own sovereign lands.

Israel has watched Hizbullah build up its offensive capability in the years since the security zone was dismantled - watched it, ever bolder, establishing its positions up against the border fence and saw it developing its missile capability - and chose not to act. That stance was misinterpreted as weakness.
HotAir - Assad: Give me a tasteGillerman confronts Palestinian ambassador in UN hallway... video courtesy of Allahpundit.

Thankfully, Bush says... Israel has a right to defend itself.

Iran and it's Hezbollah allies are behind this... as if the Middle East was a chessboard.

Consider: Israel takes out Tehran's nuclear capabilities... to whatever degree it can. The U.S. takes out Kim Bong Il's rocket pads and storage facilities.

This is happening in large part because of the lack of strength and will that the Islamofacists sense in the U.S. and in Israel right now. Time to show some strength. You can't ration with these people.

Israel was giving up it's land! The truth is that to Iran, Syria, Al Queida, Hezbollah, Hamas... it's not just about wiping Israel off the map. They want Islamic Rule EVERYWHERE. The strategy of Israel giving land back was wrong. They want everything, and to Evil it was simply a sign of weakness and an invitation to attack.


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