Wednesday, July 05, 2006

In pursuit of the War on Bush, the old media have:

Moonbats To Bush: ‘Pull Out’, ‘Like Your Father Should Have’
  1. Revealed covert wiretapping programs aimed at foreign terrorists trying to contact collaborators within the United States.

  2. Revealed CIA transportation infrastructure, right down to the tail numbers on individual airplanes.

  3. Revealed covert banking investigations designed to find the donors and money launderers that make terrorist mass murder feasible.

  4. Focused on the rare abuses, rapes, murders, civilian casualties, and friendly fire incidents that offer to discredit the entire military while it is under Bush’s command. While at the same time, ignoring any individual act of heroism, medal ceremony, or inspirational tales of valor, charity, humanity or honor among our troops in combat.

  5. Revealed covert detention facilities and the foreign allies that have helped us to capture and detain those in them, threatening these alliances and exposing these allies to terrorist retribution.

  6. Taken up the cause of the brutal prisoners at Guantanamo as if they were child-like victims of Bush, human rights martyrs unrelated to the war they began.

  7. Tracked each new death among our military personnel in Iraq as if it were the countdown to the end of Bush’s life, the political equivalent to the flashing crystals from Logan’s Run. Normally, highlighting our casualties would be a job for enemy propaganda. But since the casualty clock helps in the war the media really believes in -- the War on Bush -- they dutifully report every tick, tick, tick, even exaggerating the numbers by including those who spontaneously die of natural causes and traffic accidents as far away as Kuwait. Likewise, they have claimed that the lower-than-civilian suicide rate among our troops is an epidemic caused by the “cracking” of morale.
In short, the elite media have functioned as the intelligence services and the propaganda publishers of our enemies, solely because they share with them a hatred of George W. Bush. If the enemy of one’s enemy really is one’s friend, then the terrorists have certainly found friends in America’s newsrooms.
Read the rest of Mac Johnson's latest... here. Listen... here. Right on, as usual.

Here's one to make you think...why do this? Why? I really don't get it.

Michelle Malkin covers the unnecesary Bin Laden tips & intimidation: When the left invades our privacy... our homes are not our castles.

Jonah Goldberg: speech is a lot like government secrecy. Both are only legitimate when the New York Times says so.


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