Thursday, June 29, 2006

A quick news article roundup...

Michelle Malkin - NY Times protestProtest the NY Times - Monday, July 10 at 5:00PM. (Hot Air video: Changing Times)
We have a sound permit, and we will be across the street from the New York Times. They are at 229 West 43rd Street.

The groups on board so far are Free Republic, Caucus for America, the Congress for Racial Equality, and Protest Warrior, NYC Chapter. We have reached out to several other groups as well, and are waiting to hear back from them.

Some high-visibility media people are interested in speaking at the protest. More information will be coming on this as we gather groups and speakers.

So hold the date! If you have been as sick about the Times's unconscionable blabbing of our classified information as the rest of those who care about the nation, now is your chance to do something to make your outrage heard.

The Clinton-Gore Deceitful Fundraising Sideshow:
... The bottom-line is this; congressional Democrats and their supporting political organizations could have helped to move this country forward, for the good of the people, but they didn’t. They could have aided in successfully executing the war against radical Islamist terrorism in an effort to bring it to a more immediate conclusion, but they didn’t. They could have helped to heal this country after the hard-fought and contentious elections of 2000 and 2004, but they didn’t. They could have put the good of the country ahead of their political ambitions, but they didn’t.

And now they want your money so they can, “move the country in the right direction.” Yeah, right. And Al Gore invented the Internet.

Major Pacific exercise underway with N. Korea in backgroundMajor Pacific exercise underway with N. Korea in background:
SEOUL — Eight Pacific naval powers opened a month of exercises around the Hawaiian Islands this week in one of the biggest displays of allied naval strength since World War II.

The number of vessels participating in the show of force — and some of the specific war games they played — were fine-tuned to train for countering long-range missiles even though the exercises were scheduled long before the current threat from North Korea.

Led by the U.S. Navy, the countries participating included Japan, South Korea, Chile, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain — the last still viewed as a Pacific naval power in view of its colonial legacy and strong ties to other participants.

Scarborough and Stossel Slam Al Gore and Global Warming: (video)
ABC’s John Stossel was a guest on MSNBC’s “Scarborough Country” Wednesday, and it is quite safe to say that he’s not buying into any of the recent alarmism concerning global warming. As a result, he and host Joe Scarborough had a lot of fun at Al Gore’s expense.

Rated Rated "R," for "Racist":
If you falsely use the race card, you become the racist, because you have used race to marginalize the innocent. Recently, three high-profile events of differing importance have emblematically clarified this growing phenomenon.

First, Georgia Democratic Representative Cynthia McKinney claimed that when caught violating security protocols, the Capitol Hill cop stopping her wasn’t trying to preempt her continued infraction as much as he was targeting her because she is an “African American, female progressive.”

The second is tied to the Immigration Reform debate and the ongoing assertion by the Left, and many Hispanic leaders, that supporters of sealing up our borders are racists by virtue of that position held.

And third, the Congressional Black Caucus’ position that Louisiana Congressman Democrat William Jefferson was kicked off the House Ways and Means Committee because he’s black, and not because there’s video footage of him accepting a bribe that was later found in his home freezer. If sophistry were booze, the courts would put these folks on a “twelve-step.”

HotAir - Changing TimesAll the Treason that’s Fit to Print:
The most puzzling thing about the New York Times’s exposure of America’s counterterrorism secrets is that this Manhattan-based newspaper has no apparent sense of self-preservation. If the Times were headquartered in, say, Bismarck, North Dakota, its spectacular disregard for human safety might be explained by the low probability that terrorists ever would hit its community directly.


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