Saturday, July 01, 2006

We are fighting for the survival of civilization, Christianity, and democracy...

Issues analysis - The enigma of Islam: The two faces of Muhammad
  • Mecca versus Medina.
  • Was Muhammad corrupted by power?
  • The Muslim quandary.
  • Volatility in policy.
  • Does Allah change his mind?
  • Is Allah a person?
  • Muslim legalism.
  • The dismal legalism of Medina.
  • Can a Muslim nation be a democracy?
  • What is Islamo-fascism?
  • Medinian Islam and totalitariansm.
  • The age of jihad.
  • How long will the madness continue?
  • The great challenge of a generation.
  • Read it all... here.

    Theodore DalrympleAlso, When Islam Breaks Down by Theodore Dalrymple:
    ... Islam in the modern world is weak and brittle, not strong: that accounts for its so frequent shrillness. The Shah will, sooner or later, triumph over the Ayatollah in Iran, because human nature decrees it, though meanwhile millions of lives will have been ruined and impoverished. The Iranian refugees who have flooded into the West are fleeing Islam, not seeking to extend its dominion, as I know from speaking to many in my city. To be sure, fundamentalist Islam will be very dangerous for some time to come, and all of us, after all, live only in the short term; but ultimately the fate of the Church of England awaits it. Its melancholy, withdrawing roar may well (unlike that of the Church of England) be not just long but bloody, but withdraw it will. The fanatics and the bombers do not represent a resurgence of unreformed, fundamentalist Islam, but its death rattle.

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