Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Malkin & Friends cover the moonbats...the freaks come out in D.C yesterday

Michelle Malkin hangs with the moonbats up in D.C. yesterday.

Age of Hooper has video here... and another one called "Protest Opera" here. Painful to the ears...really sad more than anything though.

Check out his posts with pics here and here also. Some high-quality hate for sure.

Can't get enough of Cindy either.
My feet hurt and I'm pissed off. This protest was a geriatric wasteland. Full of dour people who didn't talk. It almost made me miss Code Pink. Actually, it did. It made me miss Code Pink. G-d I thought I'd never say something like that.
Nice work Hooper! Much appreciated.

The night brought more moonbats out at an anti-war concert...Karol from Alarming News was there.
The whole concert was something straight out of South Park. Susan Sarandon was there. Cindy Sheehan, of course. A random anti-war veteran of this war. Chuck D. Margaret Cho. Everyone took themselves extremely seriously. Steve Earle, some old hippie looking sort-of country singer kicked the night off with a song called 'Fuck the FCC' the lyrics of which are the extremely insightful "Fuck the FCC, Fuck the FBI, Fuck the CIA, Livin' in the motherfuckin' USA." Cindy Sheehan proclaimed herself a 'rockstar' and led the crowd in a chant of "Violence and occupation/Do not bring liberation/That's bullshit/Get off it/This war is for profit". Chuck D. came up with some cockamamie scheme to get everyone in America to have a passport. This would somehow throw off Homeland Security but also would serve to have Americans spread the message into the world that we're not all like Bush. Except, of course, that a majority of Americans voted for him. But don't let logic get in the way of Chuck's big idea.

All in all, it was a collection of hasbeens and publicity seekers. The worst of the spotlight whores was actually the anti-war vet, Geoff Millard (pictured above, note the upside down flag on his shoulder: he's like so subversive, man.). He was just basking in the adoration. He was also easily the most pretentious, dumb person up there (and, c'mon, with this collection, it's a feat). He's this white guy who is an African-American studies major (of course), quotes MLK and Malcolm X, and said some of the stupidest things of the night such as "my rights aren't being trampled by Al Qaeda" and "Saddam Hussein never tapped my phone." Idiot. While he was talking, I heard someone scream out 'Why did you join in the first place?' Phenomenal question. I wonder if it was a Protest Warrior or just some person that came for the music and couldn't take it any more.

Looking around at these middle to upper class white kids who had come to a rock concert to fight the power, I couldn't help but let any hate or anger I would've had towards them fade away. They have zero consistency in their opinions. America is at once a land of freedom (what else can they be implying when they say 'this is America!' in righteous indignation when asked to stop blocking traffic with their 'free speech') but also founded by murderers and oppressors who should return this land to the Native Americans. They say they support the troops but that makes zero sense. Support the troops doing what, exactly? Fighting in a war that they oppose? Taking orders for a man they despise? These were some of the most priveleged people on earth. They had never struggled, never known actual oppression, and probably never would. If a concert makes them feel like they're doing something, whatever, no skin off my back.
Thanks Karol. Really nice work!

Movie from Junk Yard Blog:


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