Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Helen Thomas is a loon...

Today's press briefing at the White House was again a highlight for the always-looney Helen Thomas.

I truly don't understand why she remains in the front row during press briefings...or why she's there at all for that matter. Her "questions" are so rediculously loaded and slanted...she's a joke.

Here's some good coverage as Bush Defends Decisions on Iraq War.

Ian over at Expose the Left has the video here:
(or click on the image below)

He's got more of Ms. Thomas in a powder-puff interview with Wolf Blitzer here... if you can take it.

Mary Katherine Ham has coverage over at Hugh Hewitt:
Oh, man. If you get a chance to watch clips of the Bush press conference this morning, please do. He was on fire.

Helen Thomas proffered a typically balanced, fair question: "All of the reasons you gave for going to war have been proven wrong, so what I want to know is-- why did you really want to go to war?"

He called Helen "flat wrong" about four times--"with all due respect" of course. He had to shush her four times to finish his answer.

He also called out Elizabeth (I'm assuming Bumiller) for being half-asleep during a recent press conference. Oh, fun times.
Here's the transcript from the White House.

It was great to see The President come out fighting. Not so great to see --> (yikes!)


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