Friday, March 17, 2006

A Muslim Australia through "multi-culturalism" and RU-486...the human pesticide

RU-486 Will Give Rise to Muslim Australia
by Joseph A. D'Agostino
Posted Mar 13, 2006

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Regardless of how Islamic Australia becomes, high rates of immigration, low birthrates among the native population, and the anti-assimilation multiculturalist ethos are changing the country’s character. Those who value Australia’s Western, English, ordered, and Christian-influenced culture should be concerned. Unfortunately, Australians aren’t concerned enough to produce their future generations. Howard and many other members of the Australian government want to reduce abortion and rescue marriage, and yet couldn’t prevent parliament from legalizing dangerous RU-486, which is ten times more likely to kill the aborting mother than surgical abortion. That’s a sign of hard-set pro-abortion feeling controlling the people’s representatives, and at a time when Australia needs many more children...

Australians aren’t concerned
enough to produce
their future generations

“While I respect Muslim support for pro-family and pro-marriage policies, especially at the UN, the negative side is that they also agree with polygamy, even in relatively moderate countries such as Malaysia and the Gulf Emirates,” says Babette Francis, head of the anti-feminist Endeavour Forum. “There is no doubt that the disciplined orthodoxy of Islam, prayers five times a day, clear strictures in regard to behavior, etc., are appealing to those who feel adrift in mainline Protestant churches, and to those who are ‘unchurched.’” Francis considers Islam to be a potentially serious threat. “The crucial problem is that we cannot rely on the division of Muslims into moderate good ones and terrorists,” she says. “There are devastating flaws in the religion of Islam itself and it will always be prone to terrorism and similar evils in a way that Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism are not.”

Islam...will always be prone to terrorism
and similar evils in a way that Christianity,
Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism are not

The simple fact is, any country with a sizeable Muslim population these days is likely to have problems with terrorists, murderers, and insurrectionists, not to mention polygamists and anti-Semites. No amount of politically correct platitudination can change that.

An increasing proportion of children being born worldwide are Muslim. So what does that mean for the future? Australia has decided to legalize the abortion pill while Muslims are against abortion. What does that indicate about the future character of the Australian nation?
America is on this same path and will undoubtedly find itself if the same predicament that many European countries are finding themselves in... if we don't return quickly to the core morals, principals and values that made this country what it is today.

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