Monday, February 27, 2006

Michael Savage: No party lines...Psychological nudity

Michael Savage hosts the 3rd most-listened-to radio program in the country. I love listening to him when I get a chance...usually in the car like tonight when I'm out running errands like going to the store and/or on a mission from my wonderful wife.

Apparently Harry Reid spoke today about having listened to Savage for the first time and being surprised to hear him berating the President about the port contracts going to the UAE. Needless to say, Reid loved it. Savage is just excited about the idea that the Dems are listening to him.

He made a good point about lobbyists in Washington. Albright and Gore are apparently now working as lobbyist...what can either of them offer the targets of their lobbying efforts? If lobbying isn't bribery, what is it?

On the ports...he's accusing conservative news outlets of dropping the port story because of his (Savages) involvement. Not sure what that was/is, other than his outspokenness against the President on this issue (found it)...although, after some thought over the weekend he's convinced it was all handled before this week by "middle managers" in the various departments involved. These middle managers must have kept this from the top-level of the administration. He figures that Bush and Cheney are too smart and aware to not have known this would have received the attention it has.

TCS Daily chimes in here:
There are many people who don't like Michael Savage's raucous ranting and raving -- people like me who prefer logic and reason; but, unfortunately, there are times when the only rational thing to do is to rave and rant. This is one of them. If the Bush administration is so far out of touch with reality as to defend the "Portgate" deal to an incredulous and dumbfounded American public, then maybe it is time when all of us need to take a lesson from Michael Savage, and learn to rant and rave ourselves. When dealing with the deaf, it is sometimes necessary to scream.

He also pointed out that the arguement where we should let this go through because we will need to continue using their airstrips is a little weak. Dubai benefits by having our planes sitting out there. If they don't like it, we can leave and watch them get swallowed up. They need us, yet we're taking a position of weakness...very John Kerry.

Think about how we'd feel if the government had just approved the sale of CBS, NBC or ABC to Al Jazeera?

Ultimately, this is all about oil. Next post coming soon...

Listen to Michael Savage 9-midnight EST by clicking here. (free, just create a un/pw and login)

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