Saturday, February 25, 2006

Books to consider...A Time for Freedom: What Happened When in America, by Lynne Cheney

Do your children know the importance of dates such as 1607, 1787 and 1920? (Ahem: do you?) Now they can learn "what happened when in America" from this ingenious, illustrated timeline by Lynne Cheney

No one can fully appreciate the great good fortune we have to be Americans without knowing the events that brought us to where we are today. Unfortunately, fewer and fewer children are leaving school knowing the basic chronology of American history. One study, for instance, found that two thirds of seventeen-year-olds could not identify the half century in which the Civil War occurred. Now, bestselling children's author and historian Lynne Cheney (wife of Vice President Dick Cheney), provides a remedy: in A Time for Freedom: What Happened When in America, Mrs. Cheney takes young readers through a fascinating, illustrated timeline of key events in our history - along with historic quotations by great Americans and little-known facts about our country.

As Mrs. Cheney explains in her preface, dates alone are not enough for understanding history -- but without a proper sense of chronology, understanding is impossible. "Some dates ought to be locked in memory. I think of 1492, 1607, 1620, 1776, and 1787, for starters. But it is equally important to be familiar enough with the order of events so that one has a sense of the progression of our national story." Comprehending why the Civil War occurred in the 1860s, for instance, requires knowing that our nation expanded dramatically in the 1840s, raising the question of whether new states would be free or slave.

From our nation's beginnings through the present day, A Time for Freedom places all the great events of our country's history into context and charts the progress of freedom in America. Lavishly illustrated with historical images and artwork, it will teach your child not only when, but why the key events in our history occurred -- and also teach them to appreciate what a truly unique blessing it is to be an American.
(Book description from Human Events Book Service)



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