Sunday, February 12, 2006

L.A. Times Commentary - "The war you didn't see"

Click here to read all of "The war you didn't see" by Robert C.J. Parry. Mr Parry is a first lieutenant in the California Army National Guard's 1-184 Infantry, and a senior account manager for a Century City public relations firm. Contact him at

Here's the conclusion:
I saw the successes. I struggled with the failures. But most important, I saw people who once had nothing now bursting with hope and thanks.

While I was in Iraq, I read Walter Isaacson's remarkable biography, "Benjamin Franklin: An American Life." I was reminded of the passion and determination of our founding fathers, and of the long years they experienced between independence and the founding of the government we enjoy today. Franklin and company recognized the importance of having a fully informed American constituency involved in making the decisions of government.

When it comes to Iraq, in my experience, that constituency is poorly served.


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