Sunday, February 12, 2006

Rep. Mike Pence is right on spending.

Mike Pence apparently gave a tremendous speech at CPAC. Click here to read the whole thing. Here's a taste:
I believed that we were off course not because we'd abandoned these principles, or forgotten the shining city on the hill. We'd simply made honest, but flawed calculations on how to get there.

I no longer believe that.

It's one thing to drift off course...

It's quite another thing to continue that course when half the crew and passengers are pointing out that nothing looks familiar ... not to mention the tens of millions of Americans lining the shoreline screaming, "You're going the wrong way!"
Robert Bluey says that Pence recieved a "presidential reception".

Ann Coulter was the rock star though. Click here to hear from Ivy Sellers. Click here to read about some of the controversy.

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