Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Top Ten Lowlights of The New York Times in 2006...

NY Times editor now admits: We were wrong to blabCourtesy of Clay Waters at TimesWatch:

10: Spinning Kerry's "Botched Joke"
9: Coddling Illegal Immigrants and the Liberals Who Love Them
8: Howell Raines Rants Against Fox News
7: "Racism" Against Democrat Harold Ford Jr.
6: Linda Greenhouse's Liberal Harvard Admission
5: Respectful Hearing Granted to "Bush Caused 9-11" Nuts
4: Putting the Blame on Israel
3: Mohammad Cartoon Hypocrisy
2: Publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr's. Left-Wing Graduation Rant
1: The Times Cripples Another Terrorist Surveillance Program

Read the details here.

MRC Quote of the YearRelated... The Worst Bleats Of The Year from Brent Bozell:
It’s amazing that as the 20th century escapes from our rear view mirror, some hippie liberals are still recycling their Sixties angst. For God’s sakes, it’s almost 2007. Can’t someone graduate from college without a baby boomer commencement speaker pulling out a handkerchief over the sorry state of the world since the idealists shook their last tambourine on the Ed Sullivan Show?

The guilt-soaked commencement address was a common theme as 58 judges put on their reading glasses to select the Media Research Center’s “Best of Notable Quotables,” the annual compendium of very real press inanities. The “Quote of the Year” was awarded to New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. In a May 21 speech to graduates in New Paltz, New York, Junior poured out his apologies for the sorry state of the world passed on to the new graduates by negligent baby boomers.
Latest: HotAir Video - All the abortion lies fit to print. "Textbook media malpractice". Michelle's column of the same title... here.

Update: Patterico does a great job of reviewing the frequently biased LA Times in 2006.

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