Sunday, December 24, 2006

'These two families [Clinton & Bush] are beginning to look like the political equivalent of herpes'...

Clinton-Bush '08! Clinton-Bush Forever!Mac Johnson continues:
... smile-killing outbreaks occur every four years punctuated only by long periods of latency during which the infection spreads to unwary contacts and runs up health care costs. And all the while America is in denial claiming, “It’s just a cold sore and our republic is perfectly healthy.”

Well, NO, it is not just a historical cold sore. It is more than a little strange. Does anyone believe that in a true political meritocracy of 300 million people (at least 100 million of which are not illegal aliens and over 35, thus being eligible to be president), that we could have a period of decades in which our choices for President consisted mostly of members of just two families? Clearly the influence of the political machine and the inside connection has gotten a wee bit out of hand.
Hillary is seeking to run for president as America's MomMac then proposes a 28th constitutional amendment: "No one shall hold the office of President who has previously been held by the President in his office", and concludes:
... While you weren’t paying attention, the 2008 New Hampshire primary began last month. Get off your butt and get involved or you’ll end up with whatever insiders most successfully gain control of each party’s mindless apparatus in the next year. If you wait until the general election to evaluate your choices, donate and volunteer, you’ll end up having to choose between the connected and the connected.

Wouldn’t you rather see something interesting—like a Tancredo vs. Kucinich debate? Theoretically, it’s still your country.
Jeb Bush does look like an attractive candidate, but his older brother has likely wrecked any hope he might have had for the Presidency. George Bush has proven to be - by enlarge - a complete disaster. Sorry Jeb.

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