Thursday, December 07, 2006

A third day of infamy - Dec 6, 2006...

Read Bryan Preston from HotAir on the ISG Surrender report:
... Since when did the United States or any country wage war by publishing its plans or suggested plans for all the world to see? Since when did the United States or any country let its enemies see internal deliberations and strategic pivots, and since when did we think our enemies shared our interests, either in one war theater or on a more broad strategic plane? Since when did we wage war by a geriatric committee of has-beens and shady Washington insiders? Since when has there been anything to talk about with the world’s two worst remaining terrorist states?

To me, the ISG report represents the end of the sole-superpower world. We’re not a superpower anymore, not if our so-called best and brightest think that this report represents anything useful, and not if we think it’s wise to put our war planning up to a body of old hands with no new ideas, and subject their findings to an international review. ...
Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory... game over.

From Bryan in the comments...
the US has been the world’s greatest force for stability and liberty over the past several decades. You’d also know that nature abhors a vaccuum. Our stepping aside doesn’t mean there won’t be a superpower in our place eventually. There will. But it won’t be us and won’t operate according to our values.

I hope you’re happy with that.
I hope not.

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