Monday, December 18, 2006

Move over Rosie...

Video: Behar compares Rumsfeld to Hitler on 'The View'... Joy Behar wants to earn some liberal-loony points too. Could she be any more annoying?

Comparing Rumsfeld to Hitler? HotAir has the video.

I agree with this HotAir commentor:
I think that in the wacky lefty parallel universe that Joy Behar lives in, anyone she doesn’t like is kinda like Hitler. If the salesgirl at the perfume counter tries to steer her to a certain perfume, well, isn’t she being pushy JUST LIKE HITLER! If her masseuse gives her a hard rubdown, she’s JUST LIKE HITLER! And if the Danish in the Green Room is stale, who made these? HITLER!?
Read Don Rumsfeld's bio.

Also,Related: Michelle discusses "you" being the Time Person of the Year in her latest Vent.

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