Wednesday, November 29, 2006

'I’m going to jump!' said the desperate Palestinian out on the ledge. 'Try to land on a Jew!' said the suicide hotline counselor.

Mac archivesDo yourself a favor and make it your new year's resolution to read everyone's favorite medical researcher - Mac Johnson - every week.

This week: The Radical Islam Suicide Hotline and Dispatch Center
... In the cases of women and children recruited to be suicide bombers, the media often delve deeper into the story to see why they would want to die. Male suicide bombers are so common that their deaths are usually accepted at face value as the macho acts of sacrifice professed in their “martyrdom” videos. But I suspect that many of these men do not fear death simply because they just don’t have that much of a life. They are the insecure, the insignificant, the unloved, and the ambitious but unsuccessful. Were they born in Poland or China or Illinois, they would be reassured and told to keep trying if they were despondent. They would dream of being a rock star if they craved fame. They would dream of riches if they craved success. They would dream of finding acceptance and even love if they were lonely and isolated.

But they were born in Fatima-land. So they are told to land on a Jew … or an American, or a Hindu, or a Shiite, or a Russian, or a whomever.
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