Saturday, April 01, 2006

PETA: "Are Animals the New Slaves?"...

Nathan Tabor covers it here...
Believe it or not, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals may have finally gone too far. The group, which decries the killing of chickens but apparently has no stand on the partial-birth abortion of human beings, has decided to suspend its latest animal rights campaign—just a few weeks after kicking off its national tour.

The exhibit went by the bizarre title, “Are Animals the New Slaves?” It compared the lynching of black Americans to the killing of animals for food. Twelve panels showed such images as noosed black men hanging from trees, juxtaposed with shots of slaughtered cows.


PETA's new comic taking aim at Dad's who fish!PETA’s Carr responded in published reports, “Obviously, the circumstances are different, but the lack of compassion that allowed humans to be enslaved and lynched and for women and children to be mistreated is similar to the lack of compassion that makes it possible for animals to suffer cruelty today.”

What about the lack of compassion for innocent human babies who fall victim to abortion? Apparently, that’s not on PETA’s radar screen.

Also, where are the calls from the major news media for PETA to discontinue its outrageous, publicity-seeking tactics? After all, PETA had to apologize earlier this year when it compared mistreated animals to Holocaust victims. What does PETA have to do to attract the ire of Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer, and the rest of the stars in the media universe?

No pet-lover wants to see a beloved dog or cat brutalized — and there are laws to punish those who engage in such conduct. And, in America, we’re perfectly free to choose whether or not to be a vegetarian.

But PETA doesn’t seem to believe in free choice when it comes to the lives of average Americans. Instead, the group wants to dictate not only what food we put on our tables, but how agri-business does business. It is a single-issue group that does not seem to have America’s best interests at heart.

And it seems that PETA wants to do something else. It’s fully prepared to use the pain of slavery and the Holocaust to try to push its questionable agenda. Comparing a black man to a cow is like yelling “fire” in a crowded theater. It’s not free speech—it’s a bomb-throwing tactic which simply draws feelings of anger and outrage to the surface. In fact, it could easily be interpreted as inciting violence.

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