Saturday, April 01, 2006

April fools...

The CUTMOR bill and "temporary welder status", ...from Mac Johnson. (click here to listen)
Now, there are many who will say that the CUTMOR bill would simply reward lawbreakers and encourage others to violate laws in the future. But these people are not aware of how our modern economy truly operates or how outdated law “enforcement” is in the new global reality.

If we want fewer towers cut down tomorrow, we must amnesty those who cut down towers today. That is the only comprehensive solution. Welders built this country. It would be un-American not to let them tear it down.
*** Update 4/1/2006 ***

OK, no fooling now...there are actually people in CA who are making sense: Letters to the editor for April 1, about illegal immigration...and in OC of all places!
I am an American of Hispanic descent. I am also a Roman Catholic. I am saddened by the blind rhetoric being hurled about criticizing the possible criminalization of illegal immigrants. Entering this sovereign nation illegally is already a crime.

Until this law changes, all illegal immigrants really are criminals. Not only am I dismayed that any prominent Catholic Church leader would advocate violating any democratically decided rule of law, but to read that he would politicize his personal viewpoint by not declaring it separate from church doctrine regarding the laws of man makes me question his judgment as a leader...

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