Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Wake up government! You are foolishly forgetting about the American voters...

Kaye Grogan - columnsJust found a great column by Kaye Grogan, a freelance writer in Virginia...

Check out "Americans vote too...ya know!" here.
...Naturally, if people openly refuse to obey the laws by coming to America illegally — then their motives have to be suspect. There is a right and wrong way to do things (no in-betweens), and coming into a country illegally is certainly not the way to gain favor with the country's natural born citizens. The majority of Americans are opposed to illegal immigrants taking American jobs — leaving many of them unemployed.

To say that the "guest worker" program is successful is like claiming someone saw a UFO landing in Wrigley Field. The pro-guest workers' groups are conveniently ignoring the enormous strain illegal immigrants are having on the economy through the welfare and medical programs. Something is definitely wrong when 92 hospitals in one state, had to close their doors permanently due to the influx of immigrants needing medical attention.

Don't you think it's time for you (as leaders and lawmakers) to get inside the real world and quit pandering to a large group who has made a mockery out of the laws of this county?

As long as you reward people for bad conduct . . . you will never be taken seriously as a person who abides by or respects the law.

And that's just my opinion!
Another Mac Attack: Illegals "mobbing the streets Americans won't mob"...


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