Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Hope of Spring...

By Tony Blankley
March 22, 2006

Click here for the complete article from the editorial page of the Washington Times.
...As I argued in my book, the will to resist probably will not come from the top down. It will not be the elected leaders or the senior bureaucrats or the elite media or prestigious academics who will provide the stiff backbone -- neither in Europe nor in America. If there is strength left, and I believe there is -- it will come up from the people.

So the signs of change are more likely to be found in the modest precincts where the common people and tomorrow's true leaders do their work and speak their piece -- not in the formal pronouncements of governments. As in yesterday's governmental announcement from Sweden, it was the mere consequence of a people's will.

So, too, in Washington this brilliant spring morning, professional Republicans of all types -- senators and congressmen, strategists and operatives, lawyers and lobbyists, pundits and columnists -- remain in their winter gloom. They don't have enough bad to say of their president who has seen them through three successful elections -- but now appears to be faltering. They have become a sullen, muttering mob of malcontents -- offering all sorts of advice. They offer the president every form of assistance -- short of help.

As in the previous matter, let the strength come from the bottom up. If the president cannot currently do large, important political things, let Congress do small useful things to enhance their public esteem and the public welfare.

Be cheerful, live in hope, be productive and useful. Nobody likes a gloomy Gus. Nor are they likely to vote for such gloom merchants in November. If you must say rude things, here's an idea. Say it about your opponents (clue: They have a D after their names).



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