Saturday, March 25, 2006

Right and Left, Right and Wrong...

Mike Burleson - March 17, 2006
Republicans believe America is the land of the free and the home of the brave.
Democrats think America has a lot to answer for in the world.

Republicans think America is the land of opportunity.
Democrats are embarrassed by America’s wealth.

Republicans believe in defeating terrorism.
Democrats think American policies create terrorism.

Republicans visit wounded soldiers in the hospital.
Democrats protest in front of military hospitals.

Republicans believe in attacking countries who threaten world peace.
Democrats think America threatens world peace.

Republicans think terrorists should be imprisoned for killing innocent civilians.
Democrats are concerned over the welfare of terrorists in US prisons.

Republicans think Saddam should be tried by the people of Iraq for his crimes.
Democrats fret that Saddam might not get a fair trial.

Republicans believe America is one nation under God.
Democrats are kicking God out of schools, churches, the courts, and increasingly out of the country.

Republicans are often shocked by the lack of traditional values in Hollywood.
Democrats think Hollywood values are “mainstream America”.

Republicans believe America should lead the world.
Democrats think America should be led by the world.

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