Thursday, March 30, 2006

A guided tour to an un-enchanted world called "Liberal Land"...

A Virtual Visit to Liberal Land
By Rob Hood (03/29/2006)
...The Red State Army has announced that it has began sending in troops highly skilled in truth-telling, blogging, and internet fundraising. The scheduled date of rescue for the college kids and the Supreme Court is in November of 2006. They will return in November of 2008 to finish the job. The primary goals of this army is to install a new democratic government to replace the ruling party of Liberal Land.

It will happen like this: The Red State Army will:

1)stamp out communism by taking away tax money from ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and other unofficial government installations.

2) Weed out any sign of Political Correctness and arm every citizen with an old dictionary of real world terms.

3) Eradicate any form of socialism and replace it with a more competitive form of modern day capitalism where the public at large benefits.

4) Expose the Media for what they are: liberals with an attitude problem and a dark,evil agenda.

5) Outlaw the "fairness doctrine" and all it stands for and replace it with a constitution that guarantees freedom of speech.

6) tear down the Baal idols of worship and replace them with an unheard of religion called Christianity and instill into the minds of the young and moral right and wrong, a good and an evil.

7) make Israel the center of the world by helping the innocent people reclaim what was given to them by God over 3000 years ago.

8) laugh hysterically about anything related to evolution and replace it with what really happened in the beginning : CREATION!

9) Replace the Brady/Soros/Martin Bunch with people who want real freedom and the right to bear arms. The Red State Army will destroy translate all documents related to something called a "Brady law" by using highly trained Political Correctness Translation Technicians. These outdated and inhumane rulings will be replaced by a constitution that will consist of an amendment that will guarantee all law abiding citizens the right to bear arms.

10) infiltrate "Undocumented Immigrant" Drive and collect billions in unpaid taxes owed by illegal aliens.

These are real goals and were are so close to obtaining them. I hope that this tour of this far away land has helped you realize how lucky you are to live in a free society that can blog freely, worship Jesus Christ and the resurrected Son of God (especially at Christmas) without persecution, and to just be an American. Remember to be on the "right" side of the election this November.


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