Friday, September 15, 2006

Conservative candidates need help!

Link to Time/CNNIf you're looking for a way to help conservative candidates win this November, look no further. Support RightRoots!

Please read Mary Katharine Ham for more details:
... Here’s the deal, guys. We’re all conservatives, here. And, the Democrats are just waiting, praying even, for us to sit around and do nothing this election cycle. You know why?

Speaker Pelosi.

Yeah, cue the “Psycho” theme, right? Those harsh chords on the violin are our warning. We must do something.

Speaker Pelosi is what’s before us if we sit on our hands. I didn’t want to think about it either, but it’s true. Many are saying the House is in serious, serious danger, and the Senate may be, too. I’m not even going to address Senate leadership should Republicans lose control, because it makes me shudder so much, I can’t type properly, and that wouldn’t bode well for the remainder of this column. ...
RightRootsRightRoots is trying to bring in 100 donations per candidate between September 6th and September 20th.

If you've been planning to give, now is the time to do it!

Click here for more info about each candidate.

Click here for some inspiration from Rep. Mike Pence.

Click here for some motivation from Sean 'Everything is Bush's Fault' Penn.

Update: Still not fired up? Try the Top 10 Worst Democrat Senate Chairmen in Waiting. Ahhhhhhhh!!!

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