Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The ice is back...

Yup, and apparently thicker than ever. And let me guess... all of you worshiping at the feet of Al Gore will now say that it's getting colder because of global warming, right? Or is it now "climate change" and man is still to blame for the cold?

News flash shocker... maybe THE SUN has something to do with it!

Welcome to the new Ice AgeHere's the latest on the cooling globe from yesterday... Forget global warming: Welcome to the new Ice Age:
... Gilles Langis, a senior forecaster with the Canadian Ice Service in Ottawa, says the Arctic winter has been so severe the ice has not only recovered, it is actually 10 to 20 cm thicker in many places than at this time last year.

OK, so one winter does not a climate make. It would be premature to claim an Ice Age is looming just because we have had one of our most brutal winters in decades.

But if environmentalists and environment reporters can run around shrieking about the manmade destruction of the natural order every time a robin shows up on Georgian Bay two weeks early, then it is at least fair game to use this winter's weather stories to wonder whether the alarmist are being a tad premature.


Last month, Oleg Sorokhtin, a fellow of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, shrugged off manmade climate change as "a drop in the bucket." Showing that solar activity has entered an inactive phase, Prof. Sorokhtin advised people to "stock up on fur coats."

He is not alone. Kenneth Tapping of our own National Research Council, who oversees a giant radio telescope focused on the sun, is convinced we are in for a long period of severely cold weather if sunspot activity does not pick up soon.

The last time the sun was this inactive, Earth suffered the Little Ice Age that lasted about five centuries and ended in 1850. Crops failed through killer frosts and drought. Famine, plague and war were widespread. Harbours froze, so did rivers, and trade ceased.

It's way too early to claim the same is about to happen again, but then it's way too early for the hysteria of the global warmers, too.
This stuff just makes me want to go fire up my SUV and let it run all day long in the parking lot. Bite me Al, you narcissistic blowhard. Sheesh.

Update 2/27: More on the widespread global cooling.

The Manmade Global Warming Hoax Thrives on Faith, Not FactsRush chimes in on the above link in the update:
You have Obama and his followers, and you're not going to talk his followers out of him with standard political jargon or criticism because they're not with him because of politics. He's not running a political campaign. He's leading a movement out there. By the same token, manmade global warming is a total hoax. It has no basis in fact, and yet it has acolytes out the wazoo. We have people going out and living their lives and changing their lives to account for this hoax and this manmade global warming that's destroying the planet, that they have been led to believe they are responsible for in part, and so they gotta do things to absolve themselves of their sin. So, they're putting in these screwy little spaghetti lightbulbs, they're driving strange cars, they're using something other than toilet paper in the bathroom, whatever number of things. No matter what you tell 'em, they go out and watch Gore's movie. You can point out every factual error in Gore's movie. "No. It's bad. It's bad. That movie is the truth."

When people become attached to a movement, a person or whatever on the basis of faith, you got problems trying to separate 'em, because faith is what? Faith is loyalty. It is support of the unknown or something that cannot be proved. It can't be proven, it can't be disproven, as far as the faithful are concerned. Obama has a bunch of faithful, and so does the manmade global warming hoax.

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