Friday, October 26, 2007

Leonardo DiCaprio: We need to get scare kids young...

Senator Inhofe takes the hollywood scare-mongers down hard. He's leading the charge against the global warming fear machine in the Senate. I have to say, I love him... in a narrow stance, manly kind of way of course:

Check out Senator Inhofe's YouTube channel for more.

Here's more from Inhofe (on Glenn Beck's show) discussing our need for more nuclear energy:

And here's Noel Sheppard with some news on who is funding the hysteria:
[A]s this global warming debate continues, and media regularly question the funding of virtually every individual and organization refuting the supposed consensus regarding the science involved, shouldn't the same scrutiny be applied to those advancing the hysteria?

Or, would that be too much like journalism?
That's a lot to ask, Noel.

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