Monday, March 26, 2007

Bribing defeat with billions in pork... (updated)

Your Democratic Party in action.

Thanks to GatewayPundit:

Update: Tom Coburn's Top 10 Most Egregious Earmarks Contained in War Supplemental:
10. Allows transfer of funds from holiday ornament sales in the Senate gift shop

9. $3 million in funding for sugar cane

8. $3.5 million in additional funding for guided tours of the Capitol

7. $12 million for the Forest Service money which the President requested in the non-emergency fiscal year 2008 budget

6. $20 million for insect damage reimbursements in Nevada

5. $24 million in funding for sugar beets

4. $75 million for salaries and expenses for the Farm Service Agency

3. $165.9 million for fisheries disaster relief, funded through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

2. $40 million for the Tree Assistance Program

1. $100 million in funding for the 2008 national party conventions.
Also, here's who got bought.

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