Sunday, March 05, 2006

Running out of Air America...

Brian Mahoney continues to beat out everyone...MSM and otherwise...on the continuing devolution of propped up Air America Radio.

Click here for the latest.

Here's a taste:
In a development sure to rip the heart right out of the liberal radio network's already ailing body, it appears extremely likely their leased New York City flagship station WLIB-AM will soon abandon Air America programming.

Even worse, litigation looks probable over the station's lease.

While the network's last day on WLIB isn't known for certain, an internal source providing backing documentation points to the end of March. At this time, Air America parent Piquant LLC has no firm back-up plan for where in the nation's largest radio market its programming will now air.
The conclusion...
Even if Air America somehow finds a last-ditch way to remain on the air in the nation's most important market, it will be at a tremendous disadvantage, compared to what it has had up until now.

Unlike our previous reporting, which the company could either deny or ignore, this will be impossible to spin. It's either losing WLIB or it isn't.

If Randy Michaels Radio is airing on April 1, trust us, it won't be an April Fool's Day joke.
The ongoing Air America saga continues to be yet another great example of MSM bias. As usual, it's not always about what they cover but what they don't cover.

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**UPDATE 3/7/06**

The "regular"...albeit local media... finally chimes in. Click here for the NY Post article.


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