Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Clintons and Dubai...special agent Bill & opportunistic distancing from Hillary

"Is Bill Clinton serving as a lobbyist and public-relations guru to the government of Dubai?" Click here.

Dick Morris, former advisor to Clinton, has some very interesting commentary here.
Hillary stands to gain millions in income from her husband’s Dubai connection. She knows he flies there very, very frequently. And she must realize that Bill is close to the Dubai royal family.

So why did she dump on the port deal? Likely to cover herself. If she were anything less than front and center against the Dubai port deal, she would vulnerable to criticism over Bill’s involvement with the Dubai royal family...

What’s really going on here is that Bill Clinton is trying to please his Arab patrons and business partners at the same time that Hillary Clinton is trying to capitalize on American stereotypes about Arab terrorists.

More important, she’s desperately trying to distract attention from the Dubai dollars that flow into her family checking account from Bill’s political and business dealings with the Dubai crown prince. What better way than to attack them?

We should insist that:

  • Bill Clinton register as an agent of a foreign principal.

  • The Clintons say how much he makes from Dubai.

  • The Clinton library tell us how much Dubai royalty gave to the library.

  • And Bill disclose, in the future, whenever he is speaking as an ex-president or as a paid public-relations flack.
  • More from Dick Morris here..."Bubba an agent for Dubai?"
    Back in 2002, the Yucaipa Co. LLC hired the former president as a "senior adviser." He won't say how much that pays; Hillary's disclosure forms only put it at "more than $1,000" a year. A company lawyer recently disclosed that he gets a percentage of profits, if they're above 9 percent -and also says the firm's been averaging about a 40 percent.

    And Yucaipa last year with the Dubai Investment Group to create a new U.S. company: DIGL Inc, with, which invests the private funds of the Crown Prince. So Bill and Yucaipa have a big stake in keeping a positive image for the Dubai royals and their many companies.

    The public deserves full disclosure on how his Dubai relationships effect his public statements - and how, if at all, his Dubai income influences the positions of a U.S. senator.
    David Limbaugh talks about the "Arrogance and Duplicity" here.
    Only the most oblivious among us could believe Bill is not insinuating himself into every aspect of her political odyssey. Even if you can't swallow that he would do it for her, you have to know he would do it for himself -- so they can be presidents again...'s doubtful even Hillary knows whether she'll campaign as a hawk or dove as 2008 draws nearer. There are too many unpredictable variables, including the situation in Iraq and the limits of tolerance of her already frustrated antiwar base.

    The best she can hope for -- along with the rest of her party -- is that Iraq truly degenerates in a civil war so she can comfortably revert to her antimilitary self without sabotaging her quest for the White House. In the meantime, she'll doubtless be wrestling with her incorrigible husband, with whom she can't live but even more cannot live without.

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