Friday, July 28, 2006

Will we have the courage to understand, and the will to win...

The global jihadists' perpetual will to warAlan Keyes:
The fundamental flaw of the Bush administration's war policy lies not so much in its actions, as in the failure to articulate a right understanding of the nature and goals of the war. The Bush policy flounders and seems to fail because in their discussion of the situation, some policymakers still rely upon a shallow, inadequate understanding of war.
I couldn't agree more. Bush has failed to communicate well with the American people on just about everything... but especially when it comes to the war against islamofascists and in defense of democracy in Iraq.

Hate GWB, but don't trade hell in 10 years for false peace now. Radical Islam, led ultimately by Iran but supported by many...including Hezbollah, Syria, Hamas, Al Qaieda, Hugo Chavez and liberal loons across the globe, wants to destroy Israel, the United States and basically anyone who won't succumb to Islamic law and their totalitarian fundamentalist regime.

The rest from Alan Keyes... here.

As Tony Blankley says in his latest column...
Before action must come belief; before belief must come understanding; before understanding must come education and debate. In the beginning was the word. It is time to begin.


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